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Snow Removal Operations

The first plowing operation will focus primarily on clearing entrances, exits and a single travel lane for residents and emergency vehicles. Plowing will be repeated during the storm in an effort to maintain reasonable access. A final plowing will be completed at the end of the storm to widen roadways and clear parking bays where possible. Every effort is made to avoid leaving snow ridges behind parked cars, but we all must understand that a certain amount of snow will be left along the rear of parked cars.

Sanding will be performed as necessary after plowing or as needed during ice storm conditions. Hills, curves and intersections will receive top priority.

Sidewalk clearing crews (if provided by your specific contract) are the last to be dispatched and typically begin working at the conclusion of a snow/ice storm.

Special requests, instructions or other concerns must be directed to your Association's designated representative and there will be no exceptions to this policy. Our staff will respond promptly to all requests and inquiries from your representative and is in constant and immediate contact with the plow and sand truck drivers. Detaining the driver for any reason delays completion of work in your area, delays service to your neighbors, delays service to other clients and may increase the Association's snow management expense. We ask for your cooperation in allowing our drivers to complete the necessary work without interruption.

A note to parents: please help ensure the safety of your youngsters by keeping them clear of the roadways when plowing and sanding trucks are on site. Please also do not allow children to lay on or behind snow piles while plowing and sanding is in progress.

A note to drivers: please recognize maneuvering limitations (both yours and ours) when approaching our vehicles and, when possible, allow our plows and sanders to complete working in the area prior to driving.

Updated: January 10, 2013