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Westhaven is a private community. Our rules state that all vehicles must be registered and have a parking decal. Westhaven works closely with the Fairfax County Police to monitor the vehicles in the community and make sure they belong here.


Westhaven has a contract with Dominion Towing Company. Should your car be towed, please contact:

Tel: (703) 339-2400


Parking Registration Form- New Parking Enforcement to begin May 1st- Register your vehicles now.
In order to obtain a visitor parking hang tag all vehicles must be registered with Westhaven HOA. Please fill out the  for all vehicles permanently residing at the residence. This form must be filled out in order to receive the visitor hang tag for the property. In order to maintain your Green Permit or maintain your place on the waiting list you must provide registration proof showing 3 vehicles registered to the address in the Westhaven Community.


The following list of tips will help you follow the community's parking rules.


  1. You must register your vehicles by completing a Vehicle Registration Form which can be found on the Home Page.
    • Visitor Hang Tag- Each property that has registered vehicles will receive one (1) visitor hang tag (renewed annually)
      • A given vehicle may be parked in a visitor spot in the community for no more than 3 nights in a 7 day period.
    • Green decals - for vehicles approved to park in a "Green Permit" space (renewed annually).
      • Owners must show proof of registration of (3) or morevehicles registered to the Westhaven address to be considered for this permit or it's waiting list.
  2. If you reside in a non-garage unit, park your two vehicles in the reserved spaces assigned to your unit.
  3. If you reside in a garage unit you must park your vehicles in your garage and/or your driveway only.
  4. If your guests bring a vehicle into the community, they must park in a visitor parking space.
    • A given vehicle may be parked in a visitor spot in the community for no more than 3 nights in a 7 day period.
  5. If you have a guest visiting for more than a weekend or a few days, you must obtain a temporary visitor parking pass for display on the vehicle from GHA Community Management.
  6. Green Parking Permits: Westhaven has a limited number of Green spaces available to residents with a third vehicle on a first come first served basis. Residents wishing to apply for or renew a Green decal, permitting them to park in a Green space, must submit a completed Vehicle Registration form for all vehicles associated with their residence before a Green decal can be issued or renewed. Owners must show proof of registration of (3) vehicles registered to the Westhaven address to be considered for this permit or it's waiting list. Because there is nearly always a waiting list for Green spaces and because residents don't always inform the Management Company when they are no longer needed, the Management Company will be sending letters to Green decal holders both to confirm their continuing need for the Green space and to provide proof of registration for all their vehicles. Failure of a resident to respond to a Green space renewal letter within 14 days will result in the revocation of their Green decal. To apply for a Green decal, please contact the Management Co.
  7. If you rent your townhouse, it is recommended that you rent to occupants with the appropriate number of vehicles that the unit can accommodate (two for all non-garage and most garage units).


  1. Don't park in Fire Lane Areas! No exceptions are accepted.
  2. Don't park resident vehicles in visitor parking spaces. These are for guests of the entire community.
  3. Don't park your vehicles in the green "overflow" parking spaces without the proper decal.
  4. Don't park your vehicle in reserved space that is not assigned to you.
  5. Don't modify or use your garage so that it can't be used to park your car. This is prohibited as part of the covenants for the Westhaven Community. Such modifications/use effectively remove parking spaces from the community.

Note: The Fairfax County Police have been authorized to enter upon the common grounds of Westhaven to enforce the fire lane restrictions and the Codes governing the requirement for the County Sticker and to provide security.

Updated: March, 20th 2017